what is limestone used for when extracting iron

  • BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Making iron

    Iron is extracted from iron ore in a huge container called a blast furnace. ... so hot that carbon monoxide can be used to reduce the iron oxide in place of carbon: ... limestone, calcium carbonate, helps to remove acidic impurities from the iron by...

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  • GCSE CHEMISTRY - Extraction of Iron in the Blast Furnace ...

    Extraction of Iron in the Blast Furnace. The use of Limestone to Remove Impurities. ... is allowed to cool until it becomes a solid and is used for road construction.

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  • Iron Extraction - 4College.co.uk

    The limestone is melted to become the slag, which removes impurities such as sulphur. The main fuel used in the blast furnace is coke. This is made by heating...

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  • Why is limestone added to the blast furnace during the extraction of ...

    Why is limestone added to the blast furnace during the extraction of iron? ... Aluminum oxidizes more easily than the carbon used to remove oxygen from ore in a...

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  • Metal extraction - IBChem

    Iron. Extracted by the Blast furnace or Bessemer process. ... The iron ore, coke and limestone ("charge") is fed into the blast furnace from the top. Once inside the hot ... In general the word reduction is used for processes of removal of oxygen.

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  • gcse 2. Blast furnace extraction of iron recycling, steel making ...

    The raw materials needed i.e. limestone, coke, air and iron ore and the chemistry of the ... Iron ore is used to make iron and steel eg haematite and magnetite.

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  • The Extraction of Iron - Chemistry LibreTexts

    Iron ore is not pure iron oxide - it also contains an assortment of ... The heat of the furnace decomposes the limestone to give calcium oxide. ... Slag is used in road making and as "slag cement" - a final...

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  • What is the use of limestone of in the extraction of iron from ores ...

    Limestone is used in iron extraction to remove impurities from the iron and becomes molten slag. The calcium carbonate (CaO3) in limestone catabolically reacts...

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  • Extracting iron - BBC

    Learn about the methods of extracting iron and aluminium with BBC Bitesize GCSE Chemistry. ... The method used to extract metals depends on the reactivity of the metal. Metals are used for a variety ... Iron ore, carbon, limestone enter at top.

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  • Limestone for Blast Furnace Applications - Carmeuse Lime & Stone

    In more modern times additional materials have been used such as iron ore pellets and sinter. Chemical grade limestone is important to the process as it is the...

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