dhering to the core concept of technology achievement future and technology as the first productivity, Xinhai pays close attention to technological innovation, and has built 6 professional technology institutes invested heavily to purchase advanced instruments and professional equipment.

  •  Wear – Resistant S

    Wear – Resistant S

    Wear Resistant Slurry Pump Product Introduction A slurry pump for conveying pulp with concentration below 65% Capacity Flow1500m 3 /h Product Improvement Slurry pump impeller and the casing are lined with Xinhai high wear-resistant rubber e...

  • Cyclone Unit

    Cyclone Unit

    Product Introduction A cyclone unit with high efficiency Capacity Capacity2500m3/h Product Improvement Each feeding inlet of Xinhai cyclone unit is installed knife gate valve independently developed by Xinhai. This valve with small dimensio...

  • Hydrocyclone


    Product Introduction A cyclone with involute feeding Capacity Capacity542m3/h Product Improvement Unique involute feeding eliminating the disturbance, reduces wear and improves the classification efficiency Advantages The way of involute fe...

  • Y-Ball Valve

    Y-Ball Valve

    Product Introduction One valve control two pipes Pressure 0.7MPa Product Improvement Automatic control, one ball valve can automatically open and close the valve This design has obtained national patent in May 2011, patent number: ZL2010205...

  • Rubber Check Valve

    Rubber Check Valve

    Product Introduction A check valve made of wear-resistant materials Opening Pressure 0.001Mdda Product Improvement Xinhai rubber check valve is made of Xinhai 35 wear resistant rubber with strong wear and corrosive resistance. Experiment sh...

  • Pinch Valve

    Pinch Valve

    Product Introduction A wear-resistant pinch valve with excellent corrosion resistant and sealing ability Pressure 1.6MPa/cm2 Product Improvement Wear resistant rubber liners, resistance to corrosion and wear, prolong the service life of equ...

  • Knife Gate Valve

    Knife Gate Valve

    Knife Gate Valve Product Introduction A Knife Gate Valve with spool made of wear-resistant rubber developed by international advanced technoloy Pressure 1.6MPa/cm 2 Product Improvement High resilience of rubber liners of valve, tight combin...

  • Wear-Resistant Rubber

    Wear-Resistant Rubber

    Product Introduction Various plant parts lined with Xinhai wear- resistant rubber Rubber wear resistance index 128% Product Improvement Xinhai Wear resistant rubber adopts the technology named Liquid phase nanometer compoundingnormal temper...

  • Wear-Resistant Rubber

    Wear-Resistant Rubber

    Product Introduction Domestic unique rubber sheet used in wet condition Working Pressure Pressure 1.0MPa Product Improvement Wear resistant Rubber Sheet adopts the technology (Liquid phase nanometer compounding-normal temperature high frequ...

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